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1984-85 Bucs

Front Row (L-R): Don Johnson, Sean Bucy, Paul Erickson, Eric Clark, Mark Pijanowski, Tim Graveline, Scott Olsen.
Middle Row (L-R): Jeff Ulrich (Assistant Coach), ? Harris, Pat Wood, Bill Hotter, David Drown, Myron Freund, Steve Wiskow, Tim Bottom, Tim O'Neill, Ivan Prediger (Head Coach and GM).
Back Row (L to R): Al Driscoll, ??, Jim Webb, ??, Brad Nelson, David Seltenrich, Tony Leysring, Jack (Trainer).
Thanks to Jim Webb for this information!

Information from 1984 to 1985 was not kept by the Buccaneer organization. Everything that I have from these years is on this page. If you have any information on these years, please e-mail me and I will post it here!


1984-85 Program (PDF)

1984-85 Des Moines Buccaneers Roster and Statistics

Head Coach: Ivan Prediger
Head Coach: Jeff Ulrich
Head Coach: Jim Wiley
Assistant Coach: Jeff Ulrich
21 Mark Pijanowski F
20 Jim Webb F
15 David Seltenrich D
8 Tony Leysring F
1 Don Johnson G
22 Steve Wiskow F
16 Doug Finch F
9 Tim Graveline F
2 Paul Erickson D
Scott Olsen
17 Pete Prediger F
10 David Drown F
3 Brad Nelson D
24 Eric Clark G
18 Tim Bottom F
11 Sean Bucy F
5 Jack Zavoral D
19 Bill Hotter D
12 Tim O'Neil F
6 Pat Wood D

1984-85 Des Moines Buccaneers Schedule & Scores

Day Date Opponent Score W - L - T
Sat 6 Waterloo    
Fri 12 North Iowa    
Sat 20 Austin    
Fri 26 Detroit    
Sat 27 North Iowa    
Sat 3 Austin    
Fri 9 Thunder Bay    
Fri 16 Detroit    
Sat 17 Sioux City    
Wed 21 Waterloo    
Sat 24 St. Paul    
Sat 1 Thunder Bay    
Fri 7 Detroit    
Sat 8 Sioux City    
Sat 15 Madison    
Fri 21 Dubuque    
Fri 28 Detroit    
Sat 29 Minnesota    
Sat 5 Madison    
Fri 11 Sioux City    
Sat 12 Austin    
Fri 18 North Iowa    
Sat 26 Dubuque    
Sat 2 Minnesota    
Sat 9 Dubuque    
Fri 15 Sioux City    
Sat 16 Waterloo    
Sat 23 St. Paul    
March (3 - 2 - 0)
Sat 2 Madison