1988 Buccaneer Reunion

Many thanks to Buccaneer Mark Smorong for sending this information!

1988 Buccaneer Reunion

Des Moines Hockey Reunion
July 23, 1988

Aird, Jim
Wells. Michigan

Anzalone, Bob
1982-1984, #14.
St. Louis, Missouri
Attended Macintosh State and the University of Missouri at Columbia. Finishing last year at Missouri majoring in marketing. Manages a Vic Tanning and Health Club.

Bayens, Pat
1981-1982, #3.
St. Charles, Missouri
Was vice president of Independent Industries in St. Louis. Taking courses through the University of Missouri, majoring in paralegal studies.

Berg, BJ
Croquet, Minnesota

Biskup, Greg
1982-1984, #10.
Roseau, Minnesota
Played 4 years at Bemidji State University as a defense man. Still works on the mink ranch making book bucks, needs 4 classes to graduate with double majors in Economics and Finance and graduating Sum ma Cum Laud. Greg also says he has a wife Erma and 4 kids. Vern 3, Larry 2 1/2, Lena 2, and Gomez 21 months.

Blankenfeld, Joe
Thief River Falls, MN

Blue, John
1983-1984. #30.
Bloomington, Minnesota
Has attended the University of Minnesota where he was a goalie for the Gophers. Played on the 1988 Olympic team and is presently under contract with the Minnesota North Stars.

Bottem, Tim
1984-1985. #18
Thief River Falls, Minnesota
Tim has attended Northland Community College and North Dakota State University

Bosenberg, Jim
Hicksville, New York

Bouscher, Allan
Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan

Bradley, Roger
1987-1988. #16
Denver, Colorado
Since the season end Roger has returned home and completed his junior year of high school. He has played for the All Star team and got his drivers license. He is presently looking for a summer job.

Brinker, Adam
Kent, Ohio

Bucy, Sean
1984-1985. #11
Fargo, North Dakota
Sean has been going to college and working.

Busche, Mike
Fort Wayne, Indiana

Campbell, Van

Campenelli, Craig

Caple, Wes
Duluth, Minnesota

Cataldo, Frank
Des Moines, Iowa

Clark, Eric
Portland, Oregon

Churchill, Randy

Cooper, Dave
St. Louis, Missouri
Dave is married and has a daughter Nicole (8) and a son Alex (9 months).

Cossette, Ken
Eagan, Minnesota
Ken is now a tow truck driver and has been working since leaving the Bucs.

Cova, Keith
1983-1985. #5.
Florissant, Missouri
Working as a millwright and going to school. Keith has coached Valley A Bantam hockey and playing somewhat. Keith says he is not married yet and enjoys the single bar life and loving it before it's to late!

Cross, Scott
Urbandale, Iowa

Dace, Dan

Dalton, Jim
Minnetonka, Minnesota

Davies, Devan
St. Cloud, Minnesota
Will be graduating from St. Cloud in the spring with a degree in advertising. Is presently working for Menard's and plays hockey on a bar league.

Debaugh, Scott
St. Charles, Illinois

Demann, John
Memphis, Tennessee
John is presently wrestling.

Diakiwski, Taras
Astoria, New York

Doll, Steve

Doty, Doran
Des Moines, Iowa

Driscoll, Al
Des Moines, Iowa

Drown, David
Roseau, Minnesota

Eddy, Ken
Rochester, Minnesota

Edgerly, Craig
1984-85, #12
Kirkwood, Missouri
Played for Northern Iowa after leaving Des Moines. Attended the University of Wisconsin and then DuPage and will graduate in June of 1988. Played hockey at Danville in the Atlantic Coast League. Will be starting a job in July for an asbestos company in St. Louis as an inspector.

Edwards, Dave
1985-86, #12
Going to school at Fitchburg College in Massachusetts, where he is playing hockey for the ECAC small school Fitchburg team. They won the league division and took second place in the championships.

Ellefson, Frank
Green Bay, Wisconsin

Elliott, Charlie
1987-1988, #21.
Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan
Charlie is a student and is preparing for next season of hockey.

Erbach, Don
Ames, Iowa

Erickson, Paul
Johnston, Iowa
Paul is going to school and working at the arena. He is married to Betsy and they have a little girl who will be a year old. Paul is going to be the assistant coach for the Bucs next year!

Evans, Ron
Carrolton, Texas

Finch, Doug
Des Moines, Iowa

Foge, Jim
San Jose, California
Jim is a student at NDSU and has attended Minnesota Hockey School in Brainard, Minnesota.

Foley, Dave
West Des Moines, Iowa

Freund, Myron
Corbett, Oregon

Geiger, Scott
West Des Moines, Iowa

Gilbert, Cary
Phoenix, Arizona

Gismondi, Mike

Glenovich, Paul
Bellingham, Washington

Gorg, Kevin
Burnsville, Minnesota

Goddard, Pat

Grafstrom, Erick
Fargo, North Dakota

Grasso, Mike
1985-1986, #11.
Johnston, Iowa
Mike is married to Paloma and has been coaching Urbandale Varsity Hockey.

Graveline, Tim
Grand Forks, North Dakota

Gregoire, Tim
Kent, Washington

Grimm, Rob
St. Louis, Missouri

Gulenchyn, Mike
Shoreville, Minnesota

Hallamek, Jerry

Hammer, Steve
1982-1984, #19.
Des Moines, Iowa
Steve has been a student at the University of Wisconsin - River Falls, where he has been playing hockey and has recently graduated.

Hansen, Chris
New Hope, Minnesota

Harris, Rob

Hart, John
Chicago, Illinois

Hart, Myles

Hartke, Paul
Kansas City, Missouri

Hernsman, Dave
Grand Rapids, Minnesota

Hotter, Bill
Grennville, New York
Bill attended 2 years of college in Canton, New York and will be attending Albany State this fall and getting a degree in political science. He plays club hockey and is presently working in the Catskill Mountains.

Husgen, Jamie
Des Plaines, Illinois
#5. Went to school at the University of Illinois in Chicago. Played pro hockey with Winnipeg AHL club Moneton Hawks 1987-1988. Playing for the Winnipeg Jets. Jamie is married and his wife is Antoinette.

Ingram, Jeff

Johnson, Don
Rsoeau, Minnesota

Johnson, Lance
Marquette, Michigan

Kee, Doug

King, Tom

Kopitsch, Ray
Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan

Krich, Arin
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Played on the NW Hockey League. Owns BBC Marketing which sells student scholarship services.

Kringlen, Karl
East Grand Forks, Minnesota

Krueger, Scott
Des Moines, Iowa

LaDoucer, Greg
Grand Forks, North Dakota

Laird, Mike
Des Moines, Iowa

Lauder, Scott

Levour, Ray
1987-1988, #12.
Oak Park, Illinois
Ray is working at a law firm this summer.

Leysring, Tony
1984-1985, #8.
Fargo, North Dakota
Going to school at North Dakota State and played hockey for 2 years. Will be graduating this fall in business and economics. Works part time in insurance. Is getting married in August to Darcy.

Liebel, Tom

Liechfke, Jeff

Loser, Jeff
Fort Wayne, Indiana

Lundberg, Les
1987-1988, #5.
Carter Lake, Iowa
Les has been working as a construction worker for the summer to save for college.

Lynch, Bret
Poynette, Wisconsin

Markham, Jeff
Houghton, Michigan

Mausolf, Gary
1980-1981, #7.
Cottage Grove, Minnesota
Gary attended 1 year at UW-River Falls and worked 2 years as a circuit board plater. He currently is part owner of an asbestos company. He is married to Tammy and has an 8 year old daughter Nichole.

Miller, Tim
1982-1983, #15.
Mankato, Minnesota
Tim is a psychotherapist at a Mankato group home. In his spare time Tim says he has been skiing in Sweden, diving in the Bahamas, mountain climbing in Nepal, alligator wrestling in the Everglades and surfing in Hawaii. SAME OLD STUFF !!!

Miller, Tom

Mishler, Tim
East Grad Forks, Minnesota

Moore, Greg
Redmond, Washington

Moore, Richie
1986-1987, #11 & #20.
Duluth, Minnesota
Attending the University of Minnesota and playing hockey for the Gophers.

Mull, Chris
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Mulan, Kelly

Murdoch, Sean
Ames, Iowa

McConell, Mark
Bellevue, Washington

Nardella, Bob
Melrose Park, Illinois

Neuman, Al
New Hope, Minnesota

Norqual, Dave
Sunfish Lake, Minnesota

O'Hara, Mike
Wood Dale, Illinois

Olsen, Scott
Babbitt, Minnesota

Olson, Eric
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

O'Neill, Tim
1984-1985, #12.
Houston, Texas
Attended Kent State for 1 year and the University of Arizona for 1 year and has currently started his own business in professional displays. Hasn't bought cowboy boots or white stetson hat yet!

Ortman, Steve
Peoria, Illinois

Pagnac, Mark
1981-1983, #1
Maple Grove, Minnesota
Mark is in sales and is married to Laurie.

Palmiscno, Scott
Grand Forks, North Dakota

Palmiscno, Steve
Grand Forks, North Dakota

Parker, Brad
1982-1983, #30.
Phoenix, Arizona
Attended the University of Iowa 4 years, moved to Phoenix to work as a CPA/ Auditor for Deloitte, Haskins, and Sells. Will be getting married next year to Anne.

Payne, Will
Campbell, California

Prediger, Pete
Ft. McMurray, Alberta, Canada

Pence, Paul
Kirkwood, Missouri
Attended Iowa State for 4 years and graduated in transport and logistics. Played hockey for the Cyclones and currently is working for Ryerson Steel in St. Louis.

Pijanowski, Mark
Lakewood, Colorado

Pokel, Tom
Green Bay, Wisconsin

Premeau, Pete
Marquette, Michigan

Puig, Steve
1985-1987, #22 and #27.
Pembine, Wisconsin
Attended the University of Wisconsin in Superior. Went to California last summer.

Purpur, Scott
Grand Forks, North Dakota

Real, Mike
Elmhurst, Illinois

Ries, Bill
1980-1982, #10.
Detroit Lakes, Minnesota
Attended 4 years at St. Cloud State University where he has been an assistant hockey coach for the last 2 years. He won't be able to attend the reunion because he is coaching hockey schools, but he says hi to all.

Reinikka, Mark
Fairbanks, Alaska

Reitz, Don
Lynwood, Washington

Richards, Dan
Grand Forks, North Dakota

Rupp, Scott
Florissant, Missouri

Sarbacker, Steve

Saterdalen, Scott
Rochester, Minnesota
Attended college in Eau Claire and will graduate this fall.

Sayovitz, Steve
Ely, Minnesota

Schlief, Tom
West St. Paul, Minnesota

Schlief, Jerry
West Valley City, Utah

Schmidt, Bill
Madison, Wisconsin

Seeba, Shawn

Seltenreich, David
1981-1983, #20 and #11.
Arvada, Colorado
Attended the University of Illinois in Chicago for 2 years and the University of Denver for 3 years. Going to play professional hockey in Europe.

Shivley, Greg
Rockford, Illinois

Smorong, Mark
1982-1984, #21.
Brainard, Minnesota
Mark is working as a service man for Great Plains Gas. He has played mens senior league hockey and enjoys softball, fishing, go-karts, and stock cars.

Solheim, Mike
Roswell, Georgia

Spicer, Jim
Grand Rapids, Minnesota

Sporansa, Pete

Springer, Mark
1980-1981, #4.
Webster, Texas
Mark manages a retail lumber, hardware, and garden store. Mark thanks God he's not married and knows of no children.

Stahl, Brad
Fort Wayne, Indiana

Storhaug, Jeff
1983-1985, #3.
Thief River Falls, Minnesota
Attended Northland Community College, Northern Michigan, and North Dakota State.

Strandell, Jeff
East Grand Forks, Minnesota

Swarbrick, Rick
Omaha, Nebraska

Thompson, Jerry

Thoreson, Shawn
1987-1988, #6.
Layton, Utah
Shawn played for Dubuque after leaving Des Moines and will be returning there this fall. He will be attending a Minnesota hockey camp this summer and has been working laying sod this summer.

Tobin, Kevin
1981-1985, #6.
Lawrence, Kansas
Attended the University of Denver and Ohio State and played hockey for both. Will be attending the University of Kansas this fall. Have been working this summer in construction.

Trickle, Todd

Ulrich, Jeff
Des Moines, Iowa

VanBellinghen, Julian
Franklin Square, New York

Vesel, Rory
1986-1987, #23.
Superior, Wisconsin
Attending the University of Wisconsin Superior playing hockey and track. Working construction in the summer.

Vitue, Stuart
Woodinville, Washington

Wagner, Kent
St. Charles, Missouri
Attended the University of Waterloo - Ontario. Graduated through the Marines and am now waiting for assignment in special forces or DCS. Kent is married and is wife is Kelly.

Wallenstein, Dave
1982-1983, #20.
Huntsville, Alabama
Dave has been attending the University of Alabama playing hockey for them. He says he does a lot of partying !!!

Warren, Joe
Woodbury, Minnesota

Webb, Jim
Des Moines, Iowa

Wegmann, Matt
St. Louis, Missouri
Matt said he won't be able to make it because they are expecting child #4 at the time of the reunion.

Wiles, Ted
Des Moines, Iowa
Ted is married and wife is Bridgette and they have a little boy.

Winters, Chris
1980-1982, #3.
St. Louis, Missouri
Chris was a truck driver but is now painting. He plays hockey for a men's senior league.

Wiskow, Steve

Wood, Pat
Elk Grove, California

Wright, Bob
1980-1982, #2.
Fort Wayne, Indiana
Bob is married to Mary Lou and they have two kids, a little girl Whitney and a boy Eddie.

Zahradka, Ernie
West St. Paul, Minnesota

Zaveral, jack
Madison, Wisconsin

Zimmerman, Kevin
1986-1988, #9.
Endicott, New York
Kevin is drinking and working.