1981-1982 Buccaneers Archives

Information from 1981 to 1982 was not kept by the Buccaneer organization. Everything that I have from these years is on this page. If you have any information on these years, please e-mail me and I will post it here!


Des Moines Tribune Articles

Minnesota twins hope to fuel Bucs as old St. Paul pals call (Des Moines Tribune, 12-11-81)
Czech team to arrive Thursday (Des Moines Tribune, 12-16-81)
Bucs get weekend off (Des Moines Tribune, 12-25-81)
Bucs defeat Waterloo, 9-5 (Des Moines Tribune, 12-31-81)
Bucs hoping to get hot on home ice (Des Moines Tribune, 1-8-82)
Bucs tackle All-Star team here tonight (Des Moines Tribune, 1-12-82)
Victory gives Bucs big lift (Des Moines Tribune, 1-13-82)
Hat trick fails to save Bucs (Des Moines Tribune, 1-18-82)
Bucs lose; postpone game tonight (Des Moines Tribune, 1-22-82)
Bucs saved by long shot with .05 left (Des Moines Tribune, 1-28-82)
IPBN to air Bucs' clash with Dubuque (Des Moines Tribune, 1-29-82)
Waterloo's fast start tops Buc's (Des Moines Tribune, 2-1-82)
Prediger cuts Bucs' Bayens; suspended Doty quits (Des Moines Tribune, 2-3-82)
Bucs' go for 4 wins in 3 games (Des Moines Tribune, 2-5-82)
Bucs to open playoffs at Bloomington
(Des Moines Tribune, 3-10-82)
Coach: Bucs have to win 3 of 4 now (Des Moines Tribune, 3-12-82)
Bucs win, but lose star Lauder (Des Moines Tribune, 3-18-82)
Young St. Paul star next hurdle for Bucs (Des Moines Tribune, 3-19-82)
Bucs gain title series in hockey (Des Moines Tribune, 3-22-82)
Improved Bucs face 'ex-friends' in title playoff (Des Moines Tribune, 3-24-82)
Muskies belt Bucs (Des Moines Tribune, 3-25-82)
Prediger to make changes in Bucs (Des Moines Tribune, 3-26-82)
Kaminska spoils Buc comeback (Des Moines Tribune, 3-27-82)
No farewell yet for Bucs (Des Moines Tribune, 3-29-82
Doty is east side's gritty gift to Bucs (Des Moines Tribune, 4-1-82)
It's do or die tonight for the Buccaneers (Des Moines Tribune, 4-2-82)
2 Executives of USHL quit; 7 teams set (Des Moines Tribune, 4-4-82)
Bucs did themselves proud in Swiss hockey (Des Moines Tribune, 4-17-82)
Bucs, hockey group deficit put at $14,400 (Des Moines Tribune, 4-27-82)

1981-82 Des Moines Buccaneers Roster and Statistics

Head Coach: Ivan Prediger (18-29-1-0)
  LW Greg Laduceur 03-06-63 6' 0" 175 Grand Forks, ND      
  RW Daryl Seltenreich 02-01-64 5' 8" 165 Arvada, CO      
  D Greg Shively 09-10-62 5' 10" 180 Waterloo, IND      
  D Tom Schlief 10-14-61 5' 8" 165 West St. Paul, MN      
  F Jerry Schlief 10-14-61 5' 8" 165 West St. Paul, MN      
  G Mark Jaskin   5' 8" 165 St. Cloud, MN      
  G Frank Cataldo       Des Moines, IA      
  G Todd Ashe              
    Ted Wiles       Ankeny, IA      
  F Myles Hart - C 02-19-62 5' 9" 185 Grand Forks, ND      
  D Scott Lauder              
    Jeff Strandell              
  F Bill Ries              
  F Rick Swarbrick 1964 5' 11" 180 Omaha, NE      
  F Scott Rupp 01-21-1962 6' 0" 180 Florissant, MO      
  F Jeff Ulrich              
  G Mark Pagnac 02-01-1963 6' 4" 190 East Grand Forks, MN      
    Ted Wiles       Ankeny, IA      
    Doran Doty       Des Moines, IA      
  D Kevin Tobin 07-13-64 6' 4" 215 Leawood, KS      
  D Bob Wright       Fort Wayne, IN      
    Scott Bayens